A while back I was on photography assignment, I was tasked to photograph Rail user crossing, you know the place where the track intersects with the Street? Anyhow, one of the crossings was in the middle of nowhere in the English countryside of Yorkshire. When i was scoping the area to find a good angle to take the shot I heard a distant shout followed by a rapid foot steps.

The footsteps sounded odd, as if they were coming for someone with a lot of feet bare feet, four feet to be exact. Then it hit me, it must be a dog! I turned around and I saw this scary black bulldog running toward me from a nearby farmhouse, and the distant shout was actually the owner shouting at the dog to go to him and not shred me to pieces.

Needless to say I walked away almost shitting myself without taking the shot I wanted.

Later that week I was telling my 9 years old son this story, my boy is quite funny BTW, and when I finished the story he said he imagined me running around the field across the farmhouse chased by the bulldog and the dog owner shouting behind us FENTON! FENTON!... Jesus Christ FENTON!

for non Brits, I've attached a viral youtube clip that inspired this joke.